Why You Should Invest in Italian Leather Shoes

There are certain things that are worth spending more money on and a good pair of Italian leather shoes is a good example of you get what you pay for. Good, well tailored shoes can be had for less than $400.

The main reason why you should choose Italian leather is longevity. A less quality pair of men’s shoe that are worn on a regular basis will last for a few years whereas a quality pair of Italian leather shoes will last a lifetime.

A pair of Paul Evans Italian leather shoes is a good example of a worthy investment because the craftsmanship radiates from head to sole. The shoes are styled with the classics in mind, such as the Oxford and the Loafer, but this brand also follows the latest trends in men’s fashion in order to not cater just to one esthetic.

Taking the lead and opting for quality Italian leather is a good investment for many reasons. First of all, Italy is one of the major fashion capitals in the world. That means that their designers have skills and techniques that have been passed down for generations. The craftsmanship is impeccable and is nothing short of a work of art.

Italian leather is softer and much more comfortable and breathable than lesser quality leathers. It has a tendency to shape itself to move with the foot which adds to the comfort. Italian leather is less processed because it comes from premium areas of the hide, making it sturdier than other leathers. Corrected grain not only looks cheap, but the chemical treatment makes it disintegrate very quickly, resulting in obvious and immediate wear and tear.

The difference in quality is obvious. Italian leather is impressive and it will make you feel good. You will impress others as well as yourself in a pair of good quality men’s Italian leather shoes.

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  1. Hillary Stanley (Post author)

    With regular maintenance your shoes will not only look like new for a very long time but it will last for very long time. It has become a naive thng for college paper writing service and Italian craftsmen use full grain leather shoes which looks better, but also lasts longer.


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