Why Humility is Important


In spirituality, there is often talk about the importance of humility. Interestingly enough, it seems to be at odds with business and marketing. It seems that in order to really get somewhere, one has to constantly promote himself. Also, the common attitude of people in all aspects of society including business is that of superiority. Many people seem to parade around about how superior they are to others. Often times, they have very little if anything to show for their bragging. Often times, it seems as if people that are actually great at what they do are forgotten about in the midst of the loud trumpet blowers.

However, one should not be fooled. humility is a very important trait, and it does take the individual far. In order for it to work, one must understand what humility is and what it isn’t. Humility is not constantly beating oneself down and insisting that he is not worth anything. True humility is recognizing that as good as one gets, he is still no better than anyone else. Everyone has the potential to achieve what he has. In fact, humility teaches one to value others beside himself. He is then teachable, and willing to learn from others. He also values what others have to say, no matter how different it could be from what he believes.

One person who is known to do just that is Joseph Bismark. The way he runs business is not as someone who is superior and is to be served, but as someone who sees others as equals and partners. His purpose in working is to actually help others improve their lives. He works with others in order to help them figure out their path in life. He does not dictate what they should think, or what path they should follow. He understands that people are different and that it is up to them to know their life purpose.

Joseph Bismark is a large example of humility. It is actually an attractive trait. There are many instances when one is so revered that he is made out to be unapproachable until people meet him. Often times, the guy who is promoting the other guy is rather prideful and unapproachable himself. Either way, the respected one often turns out to be one who others want to be around.

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  1. Hillary Joseph (Post author)

    With humility, one does recognize his true value, but he does not shove it in other people’s faces. To sum it up, pride makes oneself feel valuable temporarily. Humility makes others feel valuable. Then I will have to believe that paper writing is the only solution to the problem that they are facing.


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