Flipora: The Newest Way to Find What You Love

You may not have heard of Flipora yet, but it’s on its way to becoming as well-known as Facebook or Twitter. Flipora, established in 2012, is the new way to find exciting internet content. The app is based on artificial intelligence that uses internet activity, web searches and social media interests to find new content for the user to love. This is a personalized service that recommends web content based on what the user enjoys. Flipora is unique because it uses an algorithm to group web content into categories based on interest, then it provides users with new content based on those categories.

The Flipora user can link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what their friends are following and allow their friends to see their interests. Users of Flipora can find new blogs, news, videos and other web content based on what they are already interested in. One distinctive thing about Flipora is that is uses information from what a user is already doing on the web, mainly web searches and social media activities, to find new things to enjoy. The longer a user is on Flipora, the more personal and relevant the recommendations become. The app also allows for changes in interests based on what the user is looking for at the time.

One concern potential users may have is privacy. Flipora takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Personal information is never shared, users can elect to go “off the record” if they don’t want to share their web activity and users can block sites if there is certain content they don’t want to see. Flipora wants users to know that privacy is not an issue when using the app.

Flipora was recently named by Forbes as being one of the top five apps for content discovery. It has over 30 million users currently and is expected to keep growing. With Flipora a user can find new things they never knew existed. Now that you know what Flipora does, what can it help you discover?

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