Bruce Levenson Leaves The Atlanta Hawks After A Decade

The NBA is constantly changing with players and officials arriving and departing on a regular basis as teams trade and changeb their plahying stance over time. One area that rarely changes, but has seen a growing number of changes is that of the ownership of franchises across the world’s larest basketball league. Summer’s now tend to see at least one team change hands as a new owner arrives at one franchise at least, following the sale of the LA Clippers in 2014 the Atlanta Hawks have become the latest NBA franchise to have a new owner. Tony Ressler has taken the place vacated by Bruce Levenson on wikipedia and the Atlanta Spirit consortium who have been in charge of the Atlanta Hawks since 2004. Levenson and his consortium members have overseen a startling reversal of fortunes for the Atlanta Hawks, who had been struggling for a number of years when Bruce Levenson arrived in a $250 million takeover deal. Arriving as the owner of both the Hawks and the Thrashers NHL franchise the Bruce Levenson led consortium always had an eye on the Hawks as the major prize in the deal they struck to buy the sporting dynasty from the Time Warner organization. Over the course of his leadership of the Hawks the franchise has progressed from being the worst team in the NBA standings to the number one seed in their conference at the close of the 2014-15 regular season. New ownerships have been something of a growing trend in the NBA over recent years as the Hawks have joined the like of the Clippers, Brooklyn Nets and a number of other franchises in seeing new owners arrive. The latest change at the Hawks sees the franchise join franchises like the Dallas Mavericks and the Clippers in being owned by billionaires who are looking to engage their love of sports in a practical way. Tony Ressler will add the ownership of the Hawks to a growing list of those with numerous sporting franchises they own, Ressler himself is a part owner of baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers. Bruce Levenson and his fellow former owners of the Atlanta Hawks have also added to their business reputations as they received a large profit from the sale of the franchise and the operating rights to Philips Arena. The $250 million spent on two sporting franchises and the arena operating rights have been dwarfed by the $170 million paid for the Thrashers franchise and the reported $830 million spent by Tony Ressler on the Hawks franchise.

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