Mobile App Puts Customers In Control: Handy Connects Consumers and Professionals

Working people have precious little time beyond work to finish their chores. House cleaning is often the most challenging chore, and the first to suffer from the lack of time. Busy people often accomplish their house cleaning by taking shortcuts or eliminate the chore altogether at times. Wealthy people have long enjoyed the benefits of free time by hiring a service staff to tackle their daily chores, including keeping the house clean. It seems as if everyone is now getting in on those benefits. Residential house cleaning has become a substantial part of the total commercial cleaning industry.
House cleaning as a profession employs approximately 1.5 million people. Over the next ten years, the number of house cleaning professionals could grow by as much as 15%, and many of them will be self-employed. The rising number of self-employed housecleaners correlates with the rise of the on-demand service industry. This industry has taken root and now competes with traditional cleaning companies. Under the traditional model, customers seeking a housecleaner contact a cleaning service, sign a contract for a specified period, and pay the going rate. The on-demand business model operates differently. Customers seeking a housecleaner use an app on their mobile phone, contact an intermediary who connects them with an independent contractor. Customers do not sign contracts or commit to a set number of visits per month. Customers do not commit to a set time or day. Customers hire when they need the service. Simple, efficient business transactions between that allow the customer to control when and how..
Consumers increasingly like the idea of on-demand services and are becoming comfortable with the process. Customers get what they want when they need it, no more, no less. One of the leaders in the on-demand housecleaning service industry is a rapidly growing company on named Handy. Handy operates mainly in the United States, although they are testing the waters in Canada and London. The company works with thousands of house cleaning contractors and has moved into other areas of in-home service.
The founders of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, believe people will rely on the on-demand industry for more than just house cleaning. The offer services in small home repairs, like simple plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or cabinet repair. Customers can hire Handy contractors to help them move or assemble furniture, install ceiling fans, or light fixtures. Handy professionals will even mount your television. All of these handyman type services fit easily into the on-demand business model. Each Handy contractor is 100% vetted to assure consumers. After the work is completed, customers are invited to rate their professional cleaner. The higher the rating one maintains, the better the pay one receives. Handy wins by taking about 20% of the fee for connecting clients and professionals. Professional’s win because they can work as much or as little as they want, and Handy takes care of the administrative duties. Customers win because they get top quality work at affordable prices. Welcome to the new economy.

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    Smart naming of the service and the level of flexibility the service offer to customers is commendable and fair enough. It is all new and surely will include this as types of services in services marketing modules. Maybe they can include other services too with more thoughts,


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