Slyce Gives Shoppers Something New

Out of the historic city of Toronto, a new phase in the ever-evolving history of modern technology is emerging. A company names Slyce has received $10.75 million in funding to become the premiere image recognition provider for retail websites on the internet. In many ways, Slyce is picking up the proverbial baton from Amazon. Amazon Flow is a helpful – albeit limited – image recognition program designed to help customers who use the retail giant’s website.

Although Amazon Flow is a bit clunky in how it works, people seem to like the idea of matching an image with a product on an online catalog. The process is a fairly simple one. Through using an app downloaded and installed on a smartphone or other mobile device, photos can be taken of desirable merchandise. These photos could then be used to seek out similar or exact merchandise at an online retail hub.

One of the main reasons why internet commerce has grown to the multi-billion dollar lofty heights it has reached is thanks in large part to consumers wanting a means of shopping that comes with a tremendous amount of convenience. The ability to shop for hard to find items with product recognition software takes things to a brilliant new level. Slyce is helping to launch this revolution and indications are the company is going to be very successful.

Slyce also has an interesting new plan in the works. The image search feature would be used to look for coupons and discounts available online. Anyone looking to save huge sums of money while shopping is going to find this feature to be supremely helpful. Perhaps the greatest benefit, in addition to the availability of an automated search function, would be the obvious budget reductions possible when buying.

Slyce really is on the move. Look for the company to deliver even more innovative products and features in the future.

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