James Dondero: Man of Great Talent

James Dondero is the head and the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management Company. His area of dwelling is currently in Dallas, Texas. He has a working know-how that spans more than 30 years while dealing with equity and credit markets. He mainly focuses his work to distressed investing and also the high yielding investment portfolios. Highland Capital Management Company was established in 1993, and it has been offering services in the expansion of the loan obligation that is collateralized and also in providing solutions that are credit oriented. These services are delivered to the retail and also the institutional investors worldwide.

The corporation has been offering many products that have been winning awards globally like the hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, private equity funds, ETFs, REITs, and mutual funds. Currently, James Dondero works as the chairperson of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank. He also acts as a member of the MGM Studios board and the American Banknote. He is actively involved in philanthropy, and he has been supporting many initiatives that are aimed at boosting education, public policy, and the veteran’s affairs. Before joining Highland Capital Management, he worked as the chief investment officer at GIC where he assisted in developing the GIC, which is a subsidiary of Protective Life. He oversaw its growth from the inception to a total amount of over $2 billion.

The period between 1985 and 1989 was the time he served as the corporate bond analyst and after that as the portfolio manager at the American Express. James Dondero began his career while working as an analyst in the training program provided by Morgan Guaranty. James graduated with excellent qualifications from the Mcintire school of commerce. At the School of Commerce, he had managed to attain majors in finance and accounting. Mr. James Dondero works as a certified management accountant on marketwatch.com, which has enabled him to use the designation of the Chartered Financial Analyst.

Currently, Highland Capital holds 2.11 million shares of the Loral Space & Communications Ltd. Highland Capital do use a credit strategy that is long-only. In equities, it does employ the long and short equity strategies. The company has applied many of its investment strategies in diverse sectors that include healthcare, high yield credit, special situation loans, distressed loans, oil and gas industry, and the real estates. The company has assets that are worth more than $21 billion. These assets are under the management, and also it has a public equity portfolio that is valued more than $4.86 billion. In early 2015, the firm launched the new exchange traded funds that included Highland HFR Global, event driven ETF, and Equity Hedge ETF.

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