What Did Woke Twitter And Brenda Wardle Say About Sparrow’s Racism?

Although there are many racist statements that whites have made about people of color, the comments submitted by Penny Sparrow seem particularly hateful and hurtful. In discussing South African blacks, Sparrow referred to them as apes and monkeys. Her comment did not go unnoticed. In fact, representatives of the progressive group Woke Twitter took notice. As an organization committed to revealing the fact that racism is not a thing of the past, group members place primacy on discovering and discussing manifestations of race-based hatred in the online sector. According to the organization’s constituents, Sparrow’s racist comment has been deemed yet more proof that the “Rainbow Nation” and “postracial” narratives about society are false on their face.

Brenda Wardle Condemns Sparrow’s Racism

Just as Woke Twitter’s constituents have drawn attention to the racist and therefore despicable nature of Sparrow’s comment, Brenda Wardle has submitted significant suppositions regarding the scope and substance of the woman’s statement. Specifically, Wardle took time to point out that Sparrow’s comment did deep damage to the innate dignity and humanity of South African blacks. Wardle also delved into the legal implications of Sparrow’s statements by noting that there are constitutional limitations to our freedom of speech and the race-based comment may have transcended these limitations.

More About Brenda Wardle

Wardle’s response to Sparrow’s racist statement is rooted in her deep passion for law and the recognition of its intersections with social problems like racism. Wardle is passionate about learning, and she is furthering her education at the University of South Africa. Additionally, Wardle has authored a novel which delves into the implications of the case against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. She explores this issue in the novel, which is entitled To Kill A Fragile Rose.

Woke Twitter Keeps The Door For Discussion Open

As a community committed to fostering open, ongoing dialogue regarding the reality of racism, Woke Twitter supporters will continue discussing and describing racist events that transpire in the Internet realm. Individuals who wish to participate in this anti-racist activity can do so by using the #woke hashtag while discussing a topic related to race and racism.

Brenda Wardle Discusses the Pistorius Trial:

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