The Strange Case of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wikipedia Page

Leonardo DiCaprio has a lot to feel good about. The actor has finally won an Academy Award for his lead performance in The Revenant. Sadly, the euphoria over the win was slightly diminished by chaos inflicted upon his Wikipedia page. Someone defaced the page, and that is something everyone interested in maintaining a proper Wikipedia page does have to be somewhat worried about.

Wikipedia is an outstanding online encyclopedia. The one thing that truly stands out with Wikipedia is its noncommercial nature. Wikipedia does not accept advertising money. Nor does the site pay writers. Instead, Wikipedia relies on the enthusiasm of volunteer contributors. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of the open source format of Wikipedia. They may add false content or spam pages.

Businesses or individuals who want to make a Wikipedia page to be spam free do need to monitor the page. Maybe a better idea would be to hire a Wiki editing service like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki’s team of Wiki writers and editors not only create and revise pages, they monitor content. By monitoring the content, it becomes possible to remove anything false, malicious, or objectionable.

Even though someone may need a Wikipedia business page creation that serves promotional needs 24 hours a day, the person may not be able to dedicate the necessary time to monitor the content. Handing over the task to Get Your Wiki solves this problem.

All content runs the risk of being targeted by spam or third-party interference. Even the great Leonardo DiCaprio learned this the hard way. The Wikipedia page was filled with the repeating of a rude phrase referencing DiCaprio’s winning the Best Actor Oscar. DiCaprio had to immediately hire someone to fix the disaster. And truly, the defacing of the Wikipedia page was a disaster for the actor and for Wikipedia. Mercifully, the situation was brought under control effectively.

If nothing else, this tale of DiCaprio’s woes should lead some to really seriously think about hiring a writing-editing team to handle Wikipedia work.

The use of Wikipedia for online promotions is not advertising. (Informational marketing, by its nature, does not make direct pitches) The content does have to stay on message, and spam attacks ruin messages. Businesses and individuals do have to take steps to keep anything disastrous from happening, and they must see problems are addressed without delay.

A good Wikipedia writing and monitoring service could help with this task immensely.

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