Real Estate Investments Have Never Looked This Good Thanks To iFunding

The iFunding platform has been around since 2012 and has allowed for the bringing together of high quality sponsors with accredited real estate investors so that they may mutually benefit from each other. The iFunding platform is an efficient solution in raising money and investing in real estate opportunities. Accredited investors are provided with very lucrative real estate investment opportunities in both equity and debt deals for as low as $5000.

It can be daunting when starting out with real estate investments as there are hundreds of thousands of opportunities out there and the majority require the individual or group to invest large amounts of capital. Often times these amounts of money are very difficult to come by and put the investor at great risk if perhaps the investment opportunity fails to positively profit them. This is why the crowd funding approach used by iFunding is such a unique and clever approach. Allowing for the pooling of investments in order to be able to invest in large opportunities. Thereby sharing the risk as well as the upfront investment. For minimums as low as $5000 there is no reason for anyone not to get involved in the real estate market.

iFunding also does all the screening and research of each real estate investment on their list. Therefore the real work and effort when it comes to the finer details of the investment are left up to the professionals at iFunding. All the user has to do is sign up for a free account online and begin their journey into real estate. The web based platform has never been this simple and provide a lot more people with the opportunity that was not possible before this technology came about.

The person to thank when it comes to the know how and incentive is William Skelley who is the founder, CEO and chairman of iFunding. iFunding is headquartered in New York City and operates on a state by state basis. Thanks to the internet making it possible by connecting all the sponsors with potential investors at a click of a button.

iFunding has really tailored the process and makes it possible for the customer to reap the benefits of investing without the upfront risk involved. Asset research is performed diligently by the team of professionals at iFunding to minimize risk.  Check them out on CrunchBase for better background.

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  1. Jayden Raiden (Post author)

    Just a few years ago when I first heard of the all right plans in crowdfunding for real estates, it has been great. Although trying to buy resume online has worked pretty well, most business in the industry know where to lead and they have to choose where to lead. Basically the trend has been in raising the awareness and the information on the risk factors in such ventures.


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