The Marie Claire Fabletics Interview

Marie Claire is the magazine that females check out when they want to know about the latest in fashion trends. An interview on the Marie Claire website with Kate Hudson reveals that the Fabletics brand of stylish gear wear can be a lot of fun. It is something that Kate Hudson is thrilled to present to the public, and her dedication is shown through her constant presence on the website.
There are people like Kate Hudson that could have easily chosen a brand to sell in department stores. She could have invented the Kate Hudson brand and used her celebrity to promote her clothing like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. Instead, Kate decided to think outside of the box. She wanted a brand that would have a legacy that didn’t depend on her name alone. She is one of the co-founders, but she was firm about making sure that she was selling more than just her name. Hudson wanted to produce and sell quality, and that is what she has mastered.

The Marie Claire interview presents Kate in a laidback sort of style that is representative of The Krazy Coupon Lady’s experience with their athletic clothing. The yoga pants, leggings and swimsuits are garments that are comfortable. When it comes to the active wear there are a lot of people that can use these clothes for working out, but they can also use the clothes for dining out or hanging out. That is what makes the brand popular. It is sporty, but it is not limited to gym clothing. That may be the niche that pushes this type of clothing brand out further to many different people.

There are people that may be considering a workout for the first time. They may want to try on clothes for working out, and this is why Kate is opening more stores. The stores owned by the brand have managed to stand out because Hudson has done a lot to promote the brand. She has starred in the commercials.

She has been interviewed by countless magazines, and the Fabletics clothes will be the first topic of conversation that she engages in. She put her movie career on ice for a moment. She tweeted on her Twitter handle that she wanted to spend all of her time building up a brand that would show how much she was committed to making this brand a top competitor. There are a ton of copycat sites that are trying to compete with Fabletics, but Hudson is putting everything on lock. She is showing just how much she would like to be considered as a business women in the clothing industry. The United Kingdom already recognized Hudson with an award for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015, and she is just getting started.

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