The Magnificent Colorful Lime Crime Brand

Color is in when it comes to Lime Crime. There are going to be a wide range of custom colors out there, but Lime Crime is certainly a bundle of joy for people that want something new. In the United States there is free shipping on orders that are over $50 so the American fan base is growing.  Check out UrbanOutfitters for their full offering.

Stars have even started to take some interest in this type of program. Lime Crime has people that are posting pics on Instagram and Twitter. That is why Lime Crime is hot right now, and people are learning that this is an exciting assortment of shades for the youth.

The brand is something that is bright and perky. Colorful shades of Velvetine are popular among the brand that has been classified as “Makeup for Unicorns.” It is surprising to see how the brand has taken off in such a short amount of time. Much of this appeal for the brand is linked to charity events. Lime Crime has given more than $16,000 to various charities. This is a company that has given to animal charities like Adopt NY and more widely known charities like Red Cross. All of these charitable donations have made it easier for the company to gain exposure. The business did not have to go through the traditional routes of marketing the business. This is a company that is evolving without major marketing because the social media buzz is so high.

Tumblr shows that Lime Crime is colorful and astounding. Eyes and lips are decorated with some awesomely bright colors. The brand is cool and many young customers are embracing this. Parents are buying it for their teenagers. Young adults are picking this up online. A whole generation of millennials are finding that this brand is a nice addition to the drab lipsticks that they have in their collection. The colors that are associated with this brand are so engaging. It is impossible to ignore this brand. The colors stand out and the brand is very helpful for people that want something new. Lime Crime is an awesome brand for customers.  Dolls Kill is a recommended store to buy Lime Crime products, but you can find tons of options all over the place.

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