Image Recognition Is Beginning To Resemble Sci-Fi Movies And That’s A Good Thing

This era we’ve been living since the internet was first created has led to astounding leaps and bounds in the field of technological advancement and its everyday uses. The new leading technology that’s been cultivated, researched, tested, fixed, then tested again is now being regularly used but developers are still making it better with each passing day – Why image recognition is about to transform business.

Image recognition software and visual search engines are carving a path for the way we view AI technology and how its used to enhance our lives. Right now there are a few different steps to build this larger than life AI technology.

The human brain inspired the formula for this first technique which includes heavy learning techniques which allows the computer to learn how to swiftly identify what’s in a picture. However, this technique requires a massive amount of data in order to be accurate (Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition). This is where picture tagging comes in.

Like a tag on twitter these image tags allow the computer to search for images from pizza to pink unicorns these massive databases help computers learn what a piece of pizza looks like. By searching through hundreds of pictures tagged with “pizza” the computer memorizes it, much like toddlers do when learning words, and can then identify what “pizza” is – get more details here:

After simple pictures are fully embedded in the computer’s brain the software can move onto facial expressions, medical issues, and bigger scale things like animals which is now used in cars as detectors to avoid crashes. These open-source vaults help machines learn more detailed images and allow them to recognize a more developed and advanced image.

Visual search has come a long way and is continuing to expand but we use it more in our daily lives than we realize; especially when it comes to e-commerce. Slyce, a long standing visual search developer, has been creating their own virtual scanners which can read bar codes, 2D, and 3D images with the snap of a picture. Slyce’s “Universal Scanner” has revolutionized the way people shop.

Now if you’re walking down the street and see a handbag in a picture but have no idea where it came from you can simply snap a picture and within seconds exact or similar matches will pop up. These links will lead you to a variety of stores where that brand or something similar to the color and style are available for purchase and which one has the best deal.

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