Beck attack on Soros denounced

Conservative Glenn Beck devoted at least three hours on Fox TV a few years ago, smearing the character of George Soros. That quickly got a response from mainstream media, pointing out the misleading information and outright lies Beck was spreading. Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest men, and has long supported liberal causes and Democratic candidates, so it makes sense that Beck and Fox would attack him.

George Soros Ukraine was born a Jew in Hungary, and grew up there under Nazi occupation. His father managed to get fake ID cards, and with some bribery on the side, managed to hide the fact they were Jewish. Soros worked as a messenger for a Jewish organization that often tried to do what Nazi occupiers said, hoping they would not be killed.

Beck takes the entire Soros story out of context and tries to paint Soros as anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, and by default anti-American. The typical far right liberals are against America type of propaganda.

Soros did indeed grow up in that situation, and he went on to England after World War II and got a degree in economics. From there he moved to the United States, and eventually started a hedge fund. He made his fortune in investing in foreign funds, financing and hedge funds.

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The Beck attack piece quotes heavily from a story by Connie Bruck in the New Yorker, published several years ago. While the quotes Beck uses are accurate, many have pointed out that they are wildly out of context or just plain misrepresented. Fox calls the author Bruc, but that was perhaps just a mistake instead of an outright misrepresentation.

Soros has worked for the cause of freedom often, and started an organization called Open Society. His work during the cold war in Soviet controlled countries helped bring down communism. Of course Beck presents this as Soros being part of an evil plan to tear down governments. Soros is painted as a manipulator, and because he is friends with unions democrats, the media and the President, he must be evil. Soros did help bring down countries as Beck claims, but what Soros actually did was help bring down communism by helping people in those countries.

As some writers have pointed out, it is ironic in a sense that Beck is taking this approach against Soros, because Soros himself is a Jew. Beck implies that Soros actually hates Jews and was somehow part of the Nazi attempts at exterminating Jews. The ironic part is that this is the same type rhetoric used by Hitler and the Nazis when they were demonizing Jews before World War II.

For his part, Soros has not responded to the attacks by Beck and Fox TV. He seems content to continue doing what he has been doing all along, which is to support the idea of freedom in all countries, as well as an open society. Soros does speak out on issues fairly often, and writes a lot, but he has not responded to any of the attacks against himself.

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