Impressive Contribution And Achievement Mike Baur Has Make In Supporting Startups

The Swiss Startup Factory, a company launched in 2014 by Mike Baur, has been offering support to young entrepreneurs to help them make the right decisions and understand their market better. Mike Baur started this initiative in a bid to help upcoming entrepreneurs appreciate the dynamics that control the market and how this information can be applied to drive success.


The Swiss Startup Factory runs a three months incubation program that has attracted entrants from various industries and those who succeed for the mentorship program are also offered financial support to launch their plans. After the three months, they also make follow-ups for another five months to monitor the progress of the business.


Market research and information dissemination

One of the things every investor needs to understand is market research techniques and their application to enhancing business operations. This is one of the services the Swiss Startup Factory is offering to allow investors to make informed decisions.


The research team reviews the ideas presented by the candidates then embarks on a market research spree meant to reveal the dynamics that control the industry and how each may be applied to make their businesses a success. They also review possible draw-backs that may bring about losses and failure in the business and offer advice to their entrepreneurs about the strategies they can apply to walk through challenges.



Before the candidates are released to the market to fully implement their ideas, they are first taken through a series of lessons that are meant to impart useful knowledge that should help them gain understanding of the sector they are about to venture into. The program allows them to understand the dynamics surrounding the industry and imparts decision making skills that are useful in every day management of a business.


Access to internal and external financing

The Swiss Startup Factory also ensures the candidates are issued with financial support after the three months incubation period. The company has created networks with leading financial institutions and established entrepreneurs, who come up with policies and strategies that make it possible to implement the idea.


Mike Baur, Founder, The Swiss Startup Factory

At the tender age of 39, Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory after he ended his journey as a banking expert. He brought into the Swiss Startup Factory experience spanning more than 15 years and skills acquired from the University of Rochester, where he acquired his MBA, as well as the University of Bern, from where he earned an Executive MBA.

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