An Insight on Nationwide Title Clearing Operations

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) deals with defects in title and responds by making property reports accessible online. NTC is based in Palm Harbor, Florida and was founded in 1991. The firm acts as a document processing service provider to the mortgage industry. Since title defects are continuously becoming a concern to the real estate market, most people feel unsettled with them.


NTC executives assert that property records ensure that there is clear title convergence and reduce the risk of buyback and inability to foreclose. NTC has ensured that the process of securing property reports is simple by launching a website, making property reports available online.


Title defects may occur if more than one person claims property issues with wording in the document that doesn’t comply with the real estate standards or even failure to include a signature of the party necessary for the transaction. To avoid such complications, addressing title defects well before the property is sold is key. So as to assist the mortgage industry, NTC has made the following property reports available online:


Assignment of verification documents

Current owner report

Tax status report

NTC report services are based on research on actual land records and are accessible from any residential property.


NTC has decided to open a new office in Dallas including a data center. This center will have a full disaster recovery site for all data, infrastructure and also staffing. The new facility will ensure cut over at any moment without any data loss and for the staff to remain fully operational. It will help deal with work overflows by accommodating staff from the firm’s data entry, online research and data auditing.


NTC has introduced a service for training on the foundation of residential mortgage finance. The 2-day training program ensures that the trainee is conversant with the entire ecosystem of the residential mortgage lending industry. This curriculum aims at illustrating the importance of maintaining the veracity of US land records at the county level.


NTC’s hard work over the years has positively affected Palm Harbor area where it is based. Due to this, the firm has been recognized and awarded for its contributions to the community and for being a magnificent place to work.


The Nationwide Title Clearing organization is privately owned and deals with problems concerning title defects. It provides available information on land or property to mortgage enterprises and real estates. NTC has also assisted palm harbor and the community in general.

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