Mike Baur Expands Swiss Start-Up Factory in 2016

Mike Baur is a founding partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory AG. The company, launched in 2014, is a Zurich based accelerator company. They look for thriving entrepreneurs, who need opportunities to network in Switzerland and worldwide, and to plan the next steps for their companies. Swiss Start-up Factory runs a three-month accelerator program where they provide coaching, mentoring, various services office space, as well as a network to access.


Mike Baur has used his 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry to raise funds and get financing for the rounds at the Swiss Start-up Factory. His goal with the company is to take startups and help them expand and grow into global companies.

Mike is from Fribourg in Switzerland, where he maintains strong connections with the community. As a teenager, he was always fascinated by the Banking and Finance industries. He worked for over 20 years in Swiss Private Banking. He started as an apprentice at UBS and worked his way up. He served on the executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank.


During 2014, he started the Swiss Start-up Factory with two partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The company is the number one independently and privately financed ICT Accelerator company in Switzerland. Baur led the company through its accelerator program with the Goldbach Group. He also guided them through their partnership with Fintech Fusion in February, 2016. The companies are building a bridge between the French and German parts of Zurich. The two companies complement each other well in their goals and overall set up. They will collaborate on the selection process for new start-ups, cooperation with universities, mentoring programs, and other events. They will transcend the language barriers for a good cause.


Although, Mike spends a lot of his time working to help young companies get a jump on their goals and generate revenues, he also invests a lot of time with Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports young entrepreneurs both financially and as a mentor. He wants to pass along his experience and expertise to the next generation of thinkers and innovative entrepreneurs.



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