Securus Technologies Or Global Tel Link? We Shall Find Out Soon

Securus Technology is a high end technological company that provides services to inmates and the justice department. Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company has achieved so much by providing the latest technology solutions to its clients. The company is confident in their operations and believes that they have to spend money in order to create efficiency and impact their clients.


Recently, Securus Technology posed a challenge to Global Tel Link (GTL), their rival company for so many years. Both companies are dedicated to providing excellent and technology solutions to their clients. However, for so many years, the two companies have been having serious competition. Mr Smith, challenged the company to a bake off so that they can prove to their clients who has the best services, technologies and customer service.


Mr Smith admits that the company has spent more than $700 million dollars in investments in order to improve their operations. He is strongly confident that GTL has not spend so much on improving their services. He claims that GTL is still doing the traditional ways of operations that Securus used in the past. Which is to show that they are several steps ahead of them.


One of the areas that GTL is lagging behind is on customer service. Mr Smith reveals the reviews that employees who used to work for GTL admitted. They agreed that the customer service at GTL was not up to standard and that Securus paid more attention to their customers and clients as well. Secondly, Securus has so much in their services as they use their own well-trained professionals as opposed to outsourcing contractors who may not share the company’s mission and goals. From the points that Mr Smith gives in his statement, it is evident that Securus is highly focused on client satisfaction.


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