ClassDojo Advances Learning Methods By Creating A Friendly Classroom Environment

The classroom is one of the places that are thought to be boring especially among young students. This should not be the case while learning and students should find it interesting to acquire knowledge. Lack of features that add fun to the classroom is one of the reasons the learning experience is viewed as being dull and discomforting. Most schools have been setting budgets aside to purchase digital curricula but this has not proved a better idea than creating a community where students can connect with teachers and parents in real-time.


ClassDojo, an American tech company came to the scene in 2010 with a solution that brought the ClassDojo application, which allows students, teachers and parents to connect in one community. Through the community, teachers can share videos of students and the activities they are taking part in at the school. They can also send photos and text messages to parents detailing the progress of students. In return, parents are able to reply in real-time and it is easy to discuss the way the students have been doing. In case of problems parents are allowed to take part in the process that leads to the development of a solution for all sides.  Check for more articles about the app.


Creating a community that brings parents, teachers and students together is an idea that has enhanced the learning experience. The classroom environment is now made better by getting tools and resources that are in line with the needs of students. One good part about using ClassDojo is that the application is not monetized, so all the features at the moment are freely accessible. The founders of the app also added that they will not bar access to any features in the current configuration but will introduce new features for monetization.


About ClassDojo

Enhancing learning and building a virtual community where students are allowed to interact with their parents is one of the most important ideas to pursue. ClassDojo is working on offering a platform where students can share with parents directly to enjoy awesome conversations. This is an application that allows students to voice their concerns and to explain their feelings towards different things.


With the application, according to,  teachers can send messages in the format of photos and videos to show parents the progress students have made. It makes it easy to solve problems since parents are involve in managing the learning process that affects their children’s learning and future endeavors.



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