Denzel Masters Many Roles


Denzel Washington is an amazing actor. He has been giving people something to think about when it comes to his best movies. He has been in a lot of different roles. There have been times when he was a dad. At other times he was a soldier. He has been a politician, an ex-convict and a host of things, and it seems like the best is still yet to come.


The Oscar that he won for “Training Day” shows a level of critical acclaim that was there for his time as a crooked cop on the screen. This was a very interesting role because he had spent so much time moving getting into the role of a bad character. Washington spent so much of his life trying to get into the role of good characters. He was almost type cast, but “Training Day” was a departure from everything that he has ever done before.


Another role that he mastered was that of a father in “Fences.” He had already been on Broadway with this as a play, but now he is receiving rave reviews for his role in the movie adaptation. He has done some excellent work with this movie, and people are also talking about his first time role as a cowboy in “The Manificent 7” remake.


The best Denzel Washington movies have proven he is very versatile when it comes to movie roles. He has the ability to take on just about any part. There is a lot of praise for his work.

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