Dr Greg Finch and his Efforts in Championing the Orthopaedic World

Due to the severe accidents, people are at risk of experiencing on a daily basis, the need for qualified orthopaedic surgeons or effective orthopaedic surgery cannot be over emphasized.

Although successful spine surgery was not common in the past, the same cannot be said about the current situation where we have several successful surgeons and procedures methods that can be used to treat different cases.

Some of the popular orthopaedic procedures include total joint replacement, total shoulder replacement, spine surgery and ACL reconstruction. Most treatments are done to replace damaged bones or to join detached bones probably by using metal or plastic implants, thus, enhancing body movements.

For example, if a patient is brought in requiring total joint replacement, the surgeon will first assess the situation to determine the severity of the case before deciding whether he/she will require to replace the damaged parts of the joint with metal or plastic implants. Somewhat the same case happens when a patient is brought in requiring total shoulder replacement. The patient will more likely require replacement of the damaged bones with metal or plastic implants to improve movements in his shoulder joint.

About Greg Finch

Mr Greg Finch is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon with hands-on and necessary experience in the field of spine surgery. He had his training in the field in the USA, UK and Germany immediately after leaving FRACS.

These experiences have been instrumental in Greg Finch’s growth and development in becoming a top orthopaedic surgeon. Mr Finch is associated with various organizations including the Spine society of Australia, the North American Spine Society NASS and is a fellow of the Australian Orthopaedic Association.


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