LifeLine Screening Is Dedicated To Helping People Live Their Best Lives

Lifeline Screening is a health-oriented company that offers preventative screening for a broad spectrum of potentially life threatening conditions. This company employs a team of professionals who care about the quality of service they provide to people who might be concerned about their health. All of their ultrasound and medical technicians are either already registered with the ARDMS or the CCI, or they are qualified to be registered with them.

Their staff physicians are all board-certified and licensed by the state where they provide service. The labs used by Lifeline are also CLIA certified to ensure the accuracy of the results provided.

Lifeline Screening provides services to people all across the country. The screening tests they offer could provide information about at risk conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. The majority of tests are run using blood samples from a basic finger stick. A blood workup could be used to detect the levels of HDL and LDL for someone at risk for high cholesterol. The same is true for measuring glucose levels in someone who might be predisposed to diabetes. Lifeline’s team of experts could also perform ultrasound tests for carotid artery disease or to determine bone density for osteoporosis.

The team at Lifeline Screening takes an active interest in helping people live their best lives. They do this through a variety of wellness oriented programs such as those offered to people in the workplace. Any business could partner with Lifeline Screening to provide preventative services to their employees. This company offers educational training videos to help stress the importance of early detection. The health screening for employees is conducted with discretion so the results are always sent to the employee’s home. People interested in learning more about the importance of good health could sign up for the Lifeline Screening Health electronic newsletter.

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