David McDonald: The Face of OSI Group

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group. OSI Group is a global organization with a wide client base that is situated in America, Asia, and Europe. OSI Group mainly deals with distribution of food supplies, especially value added proteins and beef to food service retail brands across the globe. It has a localized management with employees from within the native countries. This is because they are sensitive to the culture of the people around them and understand them better. It has over 50 facilities in up to 17 countries that provide these supplies to their clients. The company has been in China for more than the last two decades helping to boost the economy of China a lot more. The firm has its headquarters in Aurora.

David specialized in Animal Science and was awarded a degree in Bachelor of Science in 1987 at Iowa State University. His next step in life was joining OSI Group. Since his joining the firm for the last three decades, he has risen in ranks courtesy of his focus, hard work, and determination to become the company’s president. One of his greatest marks during his tenure as president is successfully providing a steady supply of food products during the 2008 Olympics games. The products included chicken, beef, and pork among others.

In 2016, McDonald made a clear proof of how he has helped improve the firm’s sustainability. In a report filed by Global Sustainability and later released by OSI Group, it was noted that the firm had made a drastic improvement in the environmental, supply, and social responsibility sector. In the same report, OSI Group also highlighted their firm’s goal by 2020 which was to reduce the intensity of water and energy wastage and consumption by ten percent. They also made extra food donations which were channeled to Americans who were facing food crisis thus helping lives.

Later, OSI Group got acquisition from the Baho Food Firm. This firm majorly deals in the manufacture of food and snacks in the food service of Netherlands. This was a strategy by David to boost the image of OSI Group in the food supply economy. It also helped to adjust to the varying customer needs.

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