LifeLine Screening: Offering Some Of The Most Advanced Medical Screenings In America

LifeLine Screening is a company that believes in helping people to keep them in good health. The company specializes in wellness and healthcare services offers a wide array of them to cover almost every aspect of a person’s health. The company is becaused in Texas, and operates out of its main headquarters in the city of Austin. LifeLine Screening was founded in 1993 and since then has offered its services to thousands of patients to people across the country. The company is run by a private organization, under the chairmanship of Colin Scully. Scully is also the founder of the company along with his business partner Timothy Phillips. The company was initially set to be located in Florida, but moved its basis when it expanded. Today, the company not only provides its services to patients in the United States, but also outside as well. With a view of international expansion, in 2008, LifeLine Screening grew further, and now has centers in places in the United Kingdom.

The company tries its best to cover every possible type of screening service, so their patients never have to go anywhere else. The company believes in offering their customers some of the top quality health services, and tries to constantly update their technology and methodology to always provide the best results to their patients. The company has also implemented some of the most advanced forms of screenings for the diagnoses of rarer treatments. LifeLine Screening offers screenings for lipid panels and electrocardiographs using some of the highest grade of technology. This is just one of the few things that sets the company apart from others in the field.

LifeLine Screening does not only operate on its own, but also in partnership with numerous other companies in the medical sector as well. The company has also partnered with numerous organizations for health drives and for health programs. The organization also offers its services to corporates who are looking for mass scale employee checkups and testing solutions. LifeLine Screening is not only limited to medical screening, but is also invested into the field of medical research. The company has engaged in medical research for lifestyle and health disorders and constantly analyses all the patients that come to them for their screenings.

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