A Look into Jose Henrique Borghi the Advertisement Guru of Mullen Lowe in Brazil

As the founder of this large and successful advertising agency, Jose Henrique Borghi has managed to take the company to top level regarding innovation and creativity in the development of an advertising agency. As the CEO of Mullen Lowe, he has seen the creation of great advertising campaigns.

Sazon Advertisement

In this campaign, Jose, the CEO used children as stuffed animals singing some catchy jingles. Nominated for the Cannes festival for his success in commercial advertisements, this CEO made the creation of Luciano and Zeze Di Carmago a success through their jingle “It is a love song.” Upon completion of this masterpiece, his sister to the Castro Neves Theater invited Jose Henrique Borgi.

Giving his brand a name

Through rebranding his company to the name Borghi Lowe, he managed sole proprietorship by buying out his partner Ray. The Mullen Group was the result after a few months of negotiation that led to the name Mullen Lowe. Today, there are both clients locally and internationally due to the changes this CEO made.

Awards the Mullen Lowe advertising group has bagged

Among the panel of awards, this domestic and international advertising company has earned are listed below.

  • 7 London Festival Awards
  • 14 Cannes Lions
  • 10 Clios Awards
  • April Advertising awards totaling 15

Furthermore, as a marathon runner, Jose Henrique loves the persistence that is called for in this sport. This advertising guru has only touched the surface of his company’s potential. Given time, he will be recorded as one of the best performing CEO in the advertising field.

To surmise, Mullen Lowe Agency will continue to be prosperous, as it knows how to take advantage of emerging markets internationally. Therefore, it is imperative for the advertising industry to watch out for this guru as he is making his advertising agency to growth and any company that mirrors their innovation, as well as creativity, is headed in the same direction.

Visit his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017864474120

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