The Frontera Fund: Fighting Discrimination & Disinformation With Larkin & Lacey”

First Nations people, like all races, should be warranted the same unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, in the United States, many Native Americans are being grievously discriminated against and taken advantage of. Historically, the American government has withheld basic human rights and liberties far-reaching to the 1800s. Education is one such area that has been grossly neglected across many reservations. Statistics show that only 67% of Native American students make it to graduation. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Another area that is terribly neglected is funding and resources for Native Americans with disabilities. National research data indicates that Alaskan and First Nations People have a 35% disability rate according to a 2016 poll. That puts the Indian race at the highest percentage of all ethnicities and unfortunately, due to the high poverty rates and low government assistance, they have the least opportunity for assistance.

This is when advocacy and human right groups can make all the difference in a disabled First Nations person’s life. One such group that fights tirelessly for disabled Native Americans is the Native American Disability Law Centre. The NADLC is passionate about not letting any single disabled person slip through the cracks and live without the necessary items that make disabled life manageable.

Providing basic items such as wheelchairs, medicines and other vital aides gives a sense of hope and dignity back to these people. The advocates at the Native American with Disabilities Law Centre’s staff act as a go-between for court proceedings and judicial entanglement. They address disabilities that encompass civil rights, special education, health care needs, public and private access and also investigates abuses reported.

They also offer educational programs that train people how to care for disabled people in the home health care network and other service providers. Organizations like the NADLC mostly are privately funded and depend on generous donations to enable the advocates to intercede for their people.

The Frontera Fund is one such group that supports notable rights organizations similar to the NADC. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established the Frontera Fund after being awarded by a Jury a $3.75 million settlement for false arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in response to an expose news article they were releasing on the Sheriffs questionable financial records. Larkin and Lacey had to endure 24 hours in the infamous prison before being released and all charges were dropped against them.

The court proceedings that followed vastly agreed that their first amendment rights had been violated and abuse of power had been used against them. Initially Jim and Michael wanted to be a conduit of justice and equality to the Arizona Hispanic immigrants but since then has been a varied resource of help to many other worthy causes.

The Frontera Fund has eagerly pursued trying to end disinformation of border patrol and immigration policies that are barbaric and against the United States Constitution. They vigorously seek the amalgamation of government, citizens and immigrants to end governmental totalitarianism and wide-spread misconduct.

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