Omar Yunes: The unprecedented performance in Mexico’s Franchise Industry

The necessity of the BFW awards

The best franchisee on the world is an event that focuses on bringing together different people from across the world with exemplary performance in business. The awards cut across individuals and businesses that have shown special skills in handling their operations. During the awards, different individuals tend to come up with special skills from which others can borrow. The shared ideas can work on different levels to help motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Omar Yunes has been one of the greatest winners of these awards.

The Mexican debut through Omar Yunes

In 2015, the best franchisee of the world award was held in Florence, in Italy. The event was attended by more than 30 countries which selected different influential business people to represent them. Among these countries, Mexico was a part. A fascinating thing is that it was the first time for Mexico to attend the awards since the program was started. Two businessmen; Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer were selected to represent Mexico in the event. Usually, the awards are contested by the top most influential businesspeople. Getting a chance to win the award requires an astute performance in the area of operation.

The contribution of Omar Yunes that led him to win the award

In the BFW awards, Omar Yunes was selected as a franchisee from the Sushi Itto Company. On the other hand, Ivan Tamers was selected from the Prendamex Company. Omar Yunes was given an award based on his innovative style of leadership. The transformational leadership has led to the success of the company that he is the CEO. Omar has come up with ways in which the management can communicate with the staff without having to struggle. The communication and the relationships that exist between the employees and the management are such that time wastage is reduced. Equally, the franchisee has ensured that the employees are given an encouraging environment to give their best input. Ivan Tamer received his award based on his strategic planning that has led to the growth and expansion of his company. With Mexico participating in the global event for the first time, Omar Yunes polished the image of the country as being selected as the best franchisee in 2015.

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