Whitney Wolfe Wedding Inspires Bumble Singles

Whitney Wolfe has definitely done her best to create a very successful dating app. She has been able to see lots of possibilities that come with dating apps that are different from what the mainstream offers.

She has created the type of dating app company that is going to get a lot of applause. People are going to give her accolades because she dared to step out on faith and do something different. This Southern Methodist University graduate wood tip the scales as the female entrepreneur that came out of the gate with a totally different concept. Wolfe deviated from what was considered the norm for dating apps.

There certainly is a lot of talk about the fact that she is a female in a sea of men that are in control of dating apps. This plays a big part in her success. She started out as a novelty, but so far Wolfe has proven herself to be the most consistent when it comes to creating dating apps that speak to a whole new generation of millennials that were tired of the same style dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she had a completely different vibe, and women started to pay attention to her dating app because of this. Now women are also paying attention to the personal life of this high profile app developer.

Whitney got married, and her wedding became something that was buzzing on social media. The fact that a woman that created a dating app was getting married made more people all the more hopeful about the possibility of finding love. It is the proverbial icing on the cake for someone that is single to make the transition into a married person. For Whitney Wolfe to develop a dating app during a rough period in her personal life makes it all the sweeter for her to have found love and sealed the deal with marriage. For more info about us: http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/ click here.

This is essentially a testament of her faith and her belief in love. Women are seeing the pictures of her wedding gown and the decorations for her impressive reception, and they are getting excited about their own possibilities. Love is in the air for Whitney Wolfe, and many other men and women are hoping that they will find love just as she has done. It is definitely something to aspire to, and Bumble maybe the pathway for many to find love.

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