Political Involvement and the Charitable Deeds of George Soros

The world needs more philanthropists like George Soros who has given away more than $12 billion worth of donations. Donations from this remarkable philanthropist have financed individuals and groups that advocate for government accountability, transparency, and freedom of expression all over the world. George Soros donations have also helped groups of individuals who are singled out by societies including the LGBTI and sex workers.

Born in 1930 in a small village in Hungary, George Soros was once a victim of firsthand intolerance. He grew up during the Nazi occupation which claimed the lives of nearly 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Together with his Jewish family, George Soros secured counterfeit identity papers and concealed their backgrounds to survive. They also helped other families to survive by doing the same. In 1947, he fled his home country to London where things were not that easy for him. To survive and finance his studies, he had to work part-time as a waiter in a London night-club and as a railway porter. Nonetheless, Soros didn’t give up his dreams of completing his economics degree. After his economics degree, he decided to migrate to the U.S. where he joined the field of investments and finance.

After being in the U.S. for several years, George Soros decided to launch Soros Fund Management. This was back in 1970 when hedge funds were not that common. He later created the Open Society Foundations to influence his thinking of Karl Popper’s philosophy, which he had come across for the first time while at the School of Economics in London.


His deeds of charity began in 1979. He funded education for black South Africans and encouraged an open exchange of ideas. He later helped in the creation of the European Central University. He also financed cultural exchanges between East and West Europe and greatly helped the Soviet society.

When the Cold War finally came to an end, George Soros spread out his charity to the U.S., Asia, and Africa. He supported numerous projects in an effort to create transparency and accountability within democracies. Soros didn’t like the way war on drugs was carried out and was among the first prominent individuals to condemn the process and thanks to his efforts; the medical marijuana movement was created.

Political Involvement

Mr. Soros started involving himself in politics back in 1990. This was right after making an incredible success with his hedge fund. He later increased his political involvement in 2004 when he funded organizations that campaigned against the reelection of President Bush. Soros was very much against the Iraq War and strongly spoke against it. Following Soro’s involvement with the Democrats, some conspiracy theories began. The Business Insider was the first to report these allegations as shown in this link http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5

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