Omar Boraie’s vision of being a top Real Estate Developer

Omar Boraie is a resident of New Brunswick who is recognized for his tremendous success in as a real estate developer. He is also visionary and has spent the last four decade trying to develop the city. He owns a successful real estate company that is called Boraie Development. The company has completed several projects, and its latest one is called The Aspire. The structure comprises of luxurious residential houses and a shopping center. The Aspire has been Mr. Boraie’s dream for decades. Omar lived in Europe for a few years when he visited the continent as a scholar. When he went back to New Brunswick, the businessman was determined to transform the city to have an outstanding real estate structure like the one he saw abroad. The condition of New Brunswick was terrible when was joining the real estate development sector, and it was deserted by 4 P.M.

According to WSJ, the first investment that Omar made was developing an office space building that he named Tower One. The construction of the structure was conducted in the 1980s and the 1990s. The real estate expert’s second successful project was the establishment of the Tower Two, which was completed in 2003. The building is located next to tower one. The two structures offered sufficient office space and attracted several companies to New Brunswick. Omar then realized that more middle-class people were moving to the city and they needed accommodation. He developed a 25-story building that comprised of 121 residential units. The building also offered enough space for retail businesses, a garage, parking, and offices. For more details visit Crunchbase.

After establishing all these buildings, people began believing in him. Most of his close allies thought that he was insane when he invested a fortune in developing top-notch real estate properties in the deserted New Brunswick city. The businessman has learned to work with financial institutions, suppliers, contractors, and real estate agents, and this has facilitated the success of his company. The firm has acquired several buildings and pieces of land that are underutilized, and it has transformed them into state-of-the-art real estate properties. Boraie always appreciates individuals who motivated him when he was starting his company.

Besides Omar Boraie’s accomplishments in the real estate sector, he is a genomic scientist who has made positive contributions to research institutions in the city. His son, Wasseem Boraie, has followed his footsteps and has also established himself in the real estate development business. Wasseem is the VP of the Boraie Development.

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