Richard Mishaan, the Interior Design Genius

Richard Mishaan has grown to be a fashionable interior design even getting recognition in A-list of Elle Décor. Richard Mishaan Designs are timeless, and he combines antiques, vintage pieces, and objects with specific colors and patterns. His career grew under the tutorage of Phillip Johnson, and he went ahead to establish his interior design practice. He has designed numerous houses including the presidential suite at St Regis at the trump towers.

The passion for designing came from Cartagena, Columbia, and his hometown. While in Columbia he established a deep connection with the colors of the cities. He also gets inspirations from art galleries and exhibitions and traveling. He finds most of the motivation for his pieces from his clients; he feeds off the clients’ positive energy. From the energy, he creates a reflection of the clients’ desires.

The experience and quality of his expertise correctly reflect from the jobs that have come his way. His designs are ideal for homes with a hint of luxury hotel and hotels hoping to create a homely environment. He creates the model in such a way they feel comfortable and lavish. For the type of work he does, his success also stems from the team of experts he works he has put up. He provides services to high-end people. Therefore, his team has people with the same mindset and talent as he possesses. In the homes which he has designed, all the rooms are designed uniquely for each other. The designs are mainly in line with the customer’s tastes.

Recently his popularity has grown due to his published works. He has written two books, modern luxury and artfully stylish. The first book mainly covers the usage of various furniture and how to incorporate them as per the period, price and style. The album also showcased multiple colors applied in apartments, offices, and homes.

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