Osteo Relief Institute Strives to Cut Out the Need for Joint Surgery

Over 50 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis (OA). Of the more 100 plus types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most prevalent.

OA is the result of the wearing away of cartilage. Cartilage serves as both a cushion and spacer between bones in a joint. When cartilage erodes sufficiently, bone rides on bone. That friction causes the swelling, stiffness, pain, crepitus, locking, and buckling experienced by OA sufferers.

The Osteo Relief Institute specializes in the treatment of OA. They aspire to offer non-surgical relief of OA symptoms that require little or no recuperation. The treatments prescribed by the ORI’s board-certified physicians are FDA approved. Learn more about Osteo Relief Institute at Better Business Bureau.

ORI employs an amalgam of the latest technologies and natural pain relievers. Indicators that you need to visit the Osteo Relief Institute are trouble ascending or descending stairs, grinding and inflammation of the lower joints, spinal discomfort, and arm or leg pain. ORI also treats disorders of the back.

There are many treatments for OA but no cure. Patients can moderate their suffering through self-management. Managing your weight is very important in controlling OA. A regular regimen of exercise is another.

Light exercise and stretching before bed, not remaining in one position longer than 30 minutes, avoidance of repetitive motions, and smoking cessation can mitigate OA symptoms. Low impact aerobic exercises like biking and swimming are recommended. Exercise but don’t overdo it!

Analgesics, NSAIDS, and topical creams may be prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation. These medications can cause negative side effects. Operations to repair fuse or replace joints are the treatments of last resort.

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Physical Therapy can stave off the need for surgery. The Osteo Relief Institute has physical therapists on staff to guide you through “Non-Grueling” exercises for the knee and spine. These strengthening exercises permanently diminish discomfort.

As a diagnostic tool, ORI uses Videofluoroscopy. Emitting low doses of radiation this imaging technique records images of the affected joint in motion. Unlike, a traditional static x-ray Videofluoroscopy makes it possible to pinpoint the exact cause of joint pain. Bio-mechanical bracing and lubricating injections are two more treatment options you’ll find at the Osteo Relief Institute. Watch this video on youtube.com.

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