Here Are A Few Reasons Explaining The Success of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was created by Preston Smith is 2007 in Redwood City, California. He wanted to help people in high-poverty areas do better in school, something that most families struggle with around the United States.

Preston Smith is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rocketship Public Schools, a group of eighteen charter schools – those that receive funding from the government and independent parties alike and don’t have to follow the guidelines of local school boards. These low-income, culturally-diverse schools

Teachers at Rocketship Education’s 18 locations visit the homes of students and their parents once every year to more closely tailor individual lessons. Students are privileged enough to have technological devices to make personalized education possible, something that very few schools in the same low-income areas at RSED is currently located in are able to allow their children to experience.

Preston Smith came out with a list of things that every educator should know, regardless of their focus, job title, or position in their careers.

Always ask parents to help administrators and existing educators make decisions about who is going to be hired in the near feature.

Actions are said to speak louder than words according to Preston Smith, something he believes all parents should do for the schools their children are enrolled in – not be averse to revoking their children from the academic supervision of current schools and opting for others.

Such behavior wil create demand for great public schools in areas that currently don’t have sufficient educational infrastructure. Parents are the only people to blame, besides areas that have bad luck, for lacking what they should teach students.

Preston Smith also said that students with disabilities should be brought into traditional classes far more than the time they spend in segregated classes, like they do with most other institutions.

Rocketship Education is known as a leader in kindergarten through fifth grade education, thanks to its changing classes that prepare students for future educational experiences. Further, personalized education informs students of what each one, on an individual level, needs to accomplish in their studies to reach various goals at Rocketship Eduaction.

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