Adam Milstein Tips on How He has made to the Top in the Real Estate Industry

Adam Milstein who is an Israel native is also a philanthropist,investor, and a community leader. He graduated from Technion in 1978 and later earned an MBA from theUniversity of South California. He is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific properties which is a private real estate firm. Adam whose main philanthropic work centers on the Jewish people in Israel began his career as a commercial real estate broker.

Adam began the Israel- American council, and he is a board member of several organizations including the Jewish funders network. Together with his wife they began and run the Adam and Gila foundation. The foundation endeavors to educate the professionals about the challenges facing the Jewish people andprovide materials for them to learn more about Israel. The Adam and Gila support other non-profit making organization that has the same core mission and values as the foundation. Adam and Gila also run the Sifriyat B’America an organization that provides study materials on Jewish values toJewish families in the United States.

According to the latest interview, Adam gives insights on how he started Hager Pacific and what drives him. Adam says that he began his company after realizing that the jobs available didn’t entirely give him the exposure he needed. He began as a broker but later ventured into investing in the real estate industry. Asked what his typical day looks like, he says that given that the business is young, there is no day which is like the other. He notes that being able to help others makes his days more exciting and satisfying.

Adam posits that for one to actualize an idea, one should be persistent until the concept is fruitful. He says that one should follow the plans daily to ensure that the dreams and goals are achieved. He also says he loves the real estate industry as the industry keep changing and supply and demand are never constant. Adam advises young entrepreneurs to make sure that in case the business has a problem,it’s significant to look at the issue personally instead of delegating. Adam believes that people should not set a specific goal as this limits their potential.

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