Greg Secker’s Journey to Greatness

In an interview, Greg Secker who is the current owner of learns to trade was asked about his philosophy that he has always stuck by over the years and replied that he always likes accepting challenges and believes he will find the solutions after taking them. At the beginning of the interview, he also talked about his education and how he managed to switch from agricultural career to a financial career pathway. Mr. Secker reply revolved around working while studying and he owes his switch to working on computers during his study at the university this enabled him to interact with an individual who referred him to an interview, and that’s how his career in finance kick-started.

Greg Secker got involved in Forex trade because of the virtual trading desk. By creating codes for all the trading strategies, he was able to acquire the knowledge on this sector and all the profits that were made. He got a loan of £5,000which gave him a return of £60,000. In this particular area, Greg Secker believes you should be disciplined and also has an appropriate trading strategy. After achieving his goals, Greg wanted to share his knowledge with other individuals, and by participating in seminars and speaking at them, he has provided advice to people on how to make money.

Greg also talked about the Greg Secker foundation whose central mandate is to guide the youth and provide them the necessary tools required to succeed. The organization is also involved with activities in South Africa, Philippines, and Australia. In the Philippines, the foundation is helping them to get back up on the feet after typhoon Haiyan. Due to his work in philanthropy, Greg Secker has been granted the position of an ambassador so that he can create awareness on generosity and encourage more individuals and the general community to help others.

Greg Secker is native to Norfolk, England. At the University of Nottingham, he took a course in agriculture and food science. Early in his career, he worked at Thomas Cook financial services working on their trading technology. Due to his works in e-commerce, he was awarded by British Telecom. At Mellon financial corporation he served as the vice president. He started his company on forex trade on his house in 2003 where he advised people on trading strategies. Due to his success, he devoted his life to philanthropy, and he has been awarded for this.

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