Greg Secker’s Growth from an Employee to an Entrepreneur

Trader and entrepreneur Greg Secker has had decades of experience in online trading Over the years he learned a lot and started sharing his insight which led to the establishment of the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003.

The Knowledge to Action Group is an education-oriented group of companies. It consists of Learn to Trade which has become a leader in trading education on a global scale. Learn to Trade has offices in several parts of the world including Sydney, London, Manila, and Johannesburg. SmartCharts Software is a company that provides advances in the trading tech and has been introducing new products recently. Capital Index is another company in the Knowledge to Action Group, and it is a brokerage firm. FX Capital is working in Forex and provides investment services for the market.

Mr. Greg Secker started his career at the Thomas Cook Financial Services after which he moved on to do foreign exchange business and trade on Forex. Mr. Greg Secker started running his first company called Virtual Trading Desk. It was the first online platform to provide rela0time trading on the Foreign exchange market.

The success that Mr. Greg Secker achieved with his Virtual Trading Desk attracted the attention of other businesses, and he was appointed to the position of Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. A few years later he started working at an investment bank which is on the list of Fortune 500. Mr. Greg Secker worked with some of the finest in the industry and developed his skills as a trader and a leader.

Over time Mr. Greg Secker’s personal account grew, and he could comfortably leave his job to focus on anything else he wanted to accomplish. He set up a business from home, and in three months Mr. Greg Secker started up Learn to Trade. The company has been growing for more than a decade and has become a global corporation. Recently it expanded its offices, and it is now available in South Africa, the Philippines, and Australia.

So far, Learn to Trade has educated more than 200 000 people through its program of seminars and workshops.


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