James Dondero: the Man with Many Titles

James Dondero is one man who has a number of titles to his name. Apart from being the president and co-founder of Highland Capital, he is also a renowned philanthropist who has quite a history of making numerous donations. Highland Capital, a hedge fund, has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. He also heads many public companies that are located in different places in the United States. In all the places where his name is mentioned, prosperity follows suit. This is due to his expertise in entrepreneurship and business. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero’s rise

Dondero began his career the moment he was enrolled in the Morgan Guaranty program, where he learned more about being an analyst. This was in 1984. This was the year when he attained a degree from the University of Virginia’s Mclntire. In the university, he studied commerce and this together with the training at Morgan Guaranty enabled him to acquire much knowledge about the business field. He is also certified for Certified Management Accountant.

James Dondero started off as an entrepreneur in the Equity and credit markets where he has over thirty years’ experience. This was where he learned all the tricks and became an expert in the business world before rising to become the president of Highland Capital Management. After joining Highland Capital, James Dondero turned it into an award-winning company that has done so well over the years. Follow James on Linkedin.

Through his leadership, the company has been providing quality products and services to both retail and institutional investors. Approximately, the company manages assets worth over $13.5 billion. NexPoint Advisors, Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Residential Trust and Nexpoint Capital, are some of the companies that Highland Capital works hand-in-hand with.

Some years back, Dondero saw the company receive 5-star designation for Global Allocation

from Morningstar. At around the same time, the company also received the Lipper award as a recognition of the great work it was doing. This is just but a little indication of what James Dondero has been doing over the years.

Today, James Dondero continues to lead Highland Capital as well as the other companies towards prosperity. Many foundations continue to benefit from his philanthropic acts, and you can bet that he is not going to stop doing the good work that he has been doing. His name will continue to be mentioned whenever people talk about the success of Highland Capital and philanthropic acts.

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