Dr. Clay Siegall Career in Oncology

Dr. Clay Siegall is a respected biotechnologist who is doing a lot to assist the people who are suffering from different forms of cancer. Many people know the businessman as the founder and president of a biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. The biotechnology company is based in the United States, and it focuses on therapy drugs for diseases that have given medical professionals a tough time in the last decade.

Clay’s family background has played a fundamental role in his career. When he was still young, one of his family members realized that they were suffering from the deadly cancer disease. The form of treatment the family member was getting was not enough. Instead of making things better, the treatment resulted to more sickness. This is when Clay realized that he was going to invest his time and energy so that he could come up with the best treatment for the disease.

Siegall has a great educational background. According to the report from his portfolio, Clay acquired his education at the University of Maryland. After getting a degree in zoology, the biotechnologist went to the George Washington University where he acquired a Ph.D. specializing in genetics. The skills he acquired at the university have assisted him to change the lives of people who have already been diagnosed with the dangerous condition.

In the year 1998, Clay Siegall decided to start a pharmaceutical company that would focus on manufacturing drugs for the cancer patients. The institution is known as Seattle Genetics, and it has already introduced several drugs into the market. The first form of cancer treatment from the biotechnology firm is already being used in over sixty nations of the world. The drug has cured several cancer cases, and it has won millions of hearts of cancer patients. As the president of the biotechnology company, Clay has done all he can to make cancer treatment accessible to people regardless of their income. The private company has been honored several times for helping consumers from all over the world. Last year, the company announced to the world that it was going to invest its capital in the manufacture of more drugs for cancer.

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