Adam Milstein Is Helping Others Get To Know What He Knew Early On

Being a native of Israel, Adam Milstein focuses hard on making those in the Jewish community aware of the programs and foundations that will help them to learn the heritage that they might not have known otherwise. When Adam became a established name in real estate investing, he felt as though there was something missing. He knew he needed to find something that would bring him the satisfaction that he was lacking in the business sense.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Adam worked in the real estate world for 3 years before he opted to head out and work on his own. As soon as he left his prior employer, Adam Milstein was approached by David Hager. They instantly hit it off and Adam was asked to be the managing partner for Davids business. For Hager Pacific Properties, Adam works hard to sell and promote commercial real estate in the firm where they manage and own several spaces of commercial real estate.

Adam Milstein knows all about struggles and what it takes to become successful. He wasn’t always blessed with money. He was however blessed to know the history of his people and what it meant to be Jewish. He knew that not everyone had this opportunity to know their background and was determined to help others to know the things he was taught from a very early age. Knowing that others did not have the opportunity to know as much as he did, he was determined to help the younger ones learn what the Jewish community was about. For this to happen, Adam and wife, Gila was determined to do just that by becoming involved with countless opportunities with organizations that spread the Jewish heritage and help others get to know what they knew.

Being a co-founder on the Israeli American council, Adam Milstein sits on the board of a number of various programs that promote the Jewish faith. This is not the only foundation that he is co-founder of, Adam and Gila are co-founders for a program which distributes books in Hebrew to thousands of families each month. The hope is that they will help to bring awareness to the values of the Jewish religion.

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