Neuroscience Genius: Jorge Moll

Neuroscience is a complex field in which many do not succeed; however, this is not the case for Jorge Moll. This area has become an area of expertise for Dr. Moll as his knowledge grows and he uses his skills to better understand all there is to learn. Visit Jorge’s profile on

As the current director for D’Or Institute for Research and Education

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Moll studies the brain and humans neural responses to various stimuli. Some of his current studies include:

  • Human Value and Motivations
  • Moral Cognition and Social Conduct
  • Neuroplasticity

Moll’s studies carry him through the complicated areas of the brain that explain behaviors, morals, and skills. Through his projects he takes a closer look at patients with brain dysfunction versus what is considered to be a “normal” working brain. Moll’s studies uncover the true psyche of people’s minds by creating careful reports on why humans do what they do. Moll also takes into consideration the current climate in which the patient is immersed in. This includes the current political, social, and/or legal systems that may be present in his or her life. These factors, Jorge Moll has determined, greatly influence a persons reasoning and create different nerve reactions in the brain than that of another patient in a distinctly opposite environment.


Moll continues to explain these findings of brain activity by stating that humans place value upon events, objects, and actions which in turn create their own moral code to which they abide by in their daily life. While Moll continues to explore each area of the brain and its functions, the brain is still a chaotic mess that neuroscientists continue to investigate.

Moll, as the director, continues to take a deep and sincere interest not only for knowledge sake, but to learn in order to help. Moll’s findings will not only help those with brain impairments, but to help future generations understand the “why” of the brain. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

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