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Oncotarget is one the world’s most distinguished multidisciplinary medical journals. Oncotarget is very informative and covers a lot of issues that need to be covered in th medical world. The research that oncotarget does is very important to people who struggle with medical conditions and also for fellow researchers. Just recently oncotarget has found molecular trigger that causes the spread of cancer. Everyday oncotarget works hard to improve the research of breast cancer and many other medical conditions we deal with in the world on the daily basis. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

As we all know oncotarget does a great deal of research to help cure and understand the terrible disease we know as cancer. With that being said on December 7th if the year of 2017 oncotarget awarded four researchers with grants. With these grants the researchers will also attend the Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017 meeting. Check Oncotarget journal at scimagojr.com

This meeting and these grants are a huge step in cancer research. The researchers will be able to connect and exchange vital information need to develop cancer research at this meeting. This is one of the reasons that oncotarget is so important and it’s research is so vital to the success in finding the cure for cancer. The more oncotarget does valuable research on these important matters and keeps recognizing the dedicated researchers who put the time and effort into cancer treatment, we will eventually see a cure to cancer. At very least a better understanding of cancer so we can prevent the spread of cancer cells.

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