End Citizens United’s Timely Endorsement of Lamb’s Candidature

For several weeks, the Republic candidate for the vacant 18th Congressional District seat, Republican Rick Saccone, seemed to have an upper hand in the forthcoming elections. Political action committees from outside and within the state have contributed large sums of money to finance his campaigns. However, Democratic Party candidate has received the much needed boost. End Citizen United offered their support to him and help his campaign. The congress seat was left vacant following the resignation of the incumbent Tim Murphy. He resigned after leaked reports of an extra-marital affair came public.

Tiffany’s Remarks

End Citizens president Tiffany Muller said that Mr. Lamb had the interest of the families in Pennsylvania at heart, since the system had forgotten about them. The president, Tiffany Muller, also said that the organization was supporting Mr. Lamb as a way of fighting shady groups financing Mr. Saccone’s campaign. This was after Mr. Saccone received funding for air campaigns as well as ground campaigning from conservative campaign financiers. He has also benefited from a $500,000 advertisement campaign funding. Mr. Lamb, on the other hand, has said he will not receive any funds from corporate funders, agreeing to receive funding only from workers’ unions. End citizen has also said the organization will spend $1 million in Mr. Lamb’s campaigns; the organization is also fundraising for their candidate’s campaign kitty. Before, End Citizen had managed to raise $600,000. Mr. Lamb’s decision to receive only workers’ unions funding is because corporate executives are seen as representatives of big money spenders.

Organizational Background

End Citizens United was founded in 2015 following a Supreme Court ruling that set no limits on the amount of external funding a political candidate can get from various independent political, or non -political interest groups. The groups aim is to reverse this court ruling. The organization is a political action committee that wants to reduce and eventually stop the use of big money spenders and funding in US politics and campaigns. Their main strategy has been to campaign for politicians who are anti-big money, thus are likely to support the group’s agenda in Congress and other political houses. The organization runs its own independent expenditures and raises funds for its preferred candidates. In the 2016 election cycle alone, End Citizen raised $25 million.

Endorsement of Political Candidates

End Citizens United has endorsed a number of Democratic Party candidates including Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Senator Maggie Hassan won her seat thanks to the group’s funding and support. This was after End Citizen spent a cumulative $4.4 million on both her and Cortez Masto’s electoral races. For this year’s electoral circle, the organization aims at raising $35 million. These are funds the organization hopes to use in supporting various candidates who they believe would help in locking big money out of US politics.

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