Lime Crime Is Working On A New Lip Product

Lime Crime has teased those who appreciate the brand and all that it offers by sharing a picture of a new lip product. The brand has now shared how this new lip product will work or any other information about it. The name of the new lip product was shared in a picture that the brand put out on Instagram. The product is called “Plushies” and it is something that appears to be packaged in a cute pink container. Lime Crime is known for the lip products that they create, and this new product from the brand appears to be a lip tint of some kind. Those who have found other lip products from the brand to be good may find this one to be something worth checking out, as well.

The new product from Lime Crime is supposedly the “cutest release ever”, according to the brand. This new product is something that is new and different, and the brand is not willing to share any more information about it at this time.

LimeCrime is a brand that creates products that are made from vegan ingredients. There are no animal products used in any of the products that the brand puts out. The brand is also careful to look out for animals with all of the product creation work that they do. They are a cruelty-free brand that does not test its products on animals.

The Lime Crime brand is committed to quality when it comes to all of the products that they create. They create products that are fun and different, and they make sure that each of those products is made in the best way. They set the standard when it comes to the performance of beauty products and the quality of such products. This company cares about each product that they create.

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