OSI Industries Serves As One Of The Top 100 Food Companies

OSI Industries; Top 100 Food Service Group

As one of the leading top 100 food companies in North America, OSI Industries serves the community under the strict regulations set forth by the food industry. They became a popular food corp because of their willingness to provide exemplary services to millions of customers worldwide. OSI has a net-worth that is nearly estimated at more than $65.7 billion dollars. Based in Aurora, Illinois, they process food from over 55 facilities in 16 countries. Furthermore, they employ over 30,000+ service professionals and executives to continue operating in a stabilized food market.

OSI Professional Leadership

Their are a number of key players at the popular OSI Industries Group, but their department head execs continue to stand out. Ironically, Sheldon Lavin, OSI president is the recent recipient of the Global Visionary Award for his global job efforts. Lavin understood how employment will create economic sustainability for at risk adults in the communities they partner in. David McDonald, CEO, has worked alongside Lavin professionally to grow their international portfolio. Together, they have watched OSI Industries be proudly nominated for the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British safety counsel for excellent service operatives.

OSI Industries; Acquires EU Food Giants

The EU food market began to attract a lot of major food giants, but OSI Industries was able to win a successful bid to operate one of their largest food facilities. They understood the manpower needed to process their large scale food condiments and restaurant meat patties. The deal initiated successful business growth for Flagship Europe, their new food service partners. They’ve also acquired the popular Dutch based Baho Foods. The success of this deal has successfully established their international portfolio. This deal has successfully established their business presence in food services.

Recent News About OSI Industries

The recent bid for a Chicago food plant has made it easy for the OSI food Group to take over a Chicago food plant. They were able to retain the jobs of thousands of workers under the threat of being dislocated from their job. Today, they continue to process Tyson foods, but also feature some of their OSI select food products. In further business news, OSI Foods will also process their organic food vegetables from the Chicago facility along with a new market to India. OSI Foods continues to feed millions of people a trusted meal worldwide.

OSI Group Info: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

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