ClassDojo, Empowering Teachers and Students Around the World

Teachers are finding social media beneficial in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Because teaching is such an isolating profession, many teachers are finding social media to be a communication platform that allows them to spend time with their peers, to share their ideas, best practice methods and to make connections with one another, parents and students. One such communication platform is a communication app called ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is used by teachers within 2 in 3 schools across the U.S. as well as in countries around the world. Teachers around the world use Class Dojo to mobilize their communities toward helping rebuild impoverished schools, as well as finding experiences for making concepts such as kindness become alive in their classrooms. By creating a community where teachers can connect and encourage one another and share ideas on how to inspire their students, these teachers discovered that they were facing similar challenges, shared similar interests and had the same aspirations.

With ClassDojo bringing teachers and students together with one another and their communities, students are learning they no longer need to be in a very close proximity to help one another, share their cultures and exchange ideas. They are pioneering a technological community that is unlocking the realization on their empowerment to affect change around the world. A community they can enjoy and thrive in, on both kindness and collaboration and inspire each other. Incorporating acts of kindness through student assignments empowers them to transcend cultures and language barriers.

In this hyper-networked world where teachers feel completely disconnected from one another, their students and their communities, there is great hope that by collaboration they can inspire their peers and create more potential for leveraging social media to the good. Teachers and instructors around the world are finding ClassDojo beneficial in creating positive cultures with classrooms, schools and communities. In an isolated profession like teaching, many instructors are finding ClassDojo to be the communication platform they need to find time with their peers, share their ideas, best practice methods and to make connections with one another, their students and parents.

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