Paul Mampilly Predicts Lasting Benefits, Long After Cryptocurrencies Go Bust

Paul Mampilly is an investor with a long history that gives him special insight into the financial markets. In addition to his past experiences as a hedge fund manager, Paul can also lay claim to winning the Templeton Foundation investment competition.

In recent years, Mr. Mampilly has turned to financial journalism to share his insights on the trends of the current economy. In one of his latest articles, Paul expresses his concern that Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market will eventually bust. While that fate seems inescapable, given the craze the technology has stirred, Mampilly believes some exciting benefits will remain in the aftermath. Follow Paul Mampilly on

It will Leave Us with Blockchain Technology

While Bitcoin may have a short shelf life, the technology that supports it, blockchain, is here for the long haul, predicts Mampilly. He says blockchain capabilites can be adapted to help in a wide range of areas. One such example will be to make title searches obsolete in the home buying process. Paul also predicts blockchain technology will change the world of credit, making it easier for people to get loans.

It may Eliminate Wall Street’s Hefty Fees

Mr. Mampilly also sees the cryptocurrency bust taking a strike at the big fees imposed on investors by Wall Street. Those fees affect how stocks are purchased and even limit accessibility to initial public offerings. For instance, Wall Street charged Facebook $176 million in fees for its IPO, but an ICO (initial coin offering) costs as little as $60. By way of comparison, ICOs brought in an estimated $4 billion for cryptocurrencies in 2017. This suggests even small businesses can sell shares to the public through an ICO instead of going the more traditional and more expensive route.


Cryptocurrency Won’t Vanish Altogether

Instead, Paul Mampilly believes cryptocurrencies will represent a new type of investment. Interest in precious metals and collectibles is fading, as people look for digital investments. Based on discussions with his peers, Paul believes cryptocurrency will replace these types of investments, representing a new commodity that can be accumulated and saved for appreciation.

Mr. Paul Mampilly predicts these three components will be what’s left, after the cryptocurrency market busts. Leaving us with a new technology and the digital versions of gold and silver may not be what developers intended or what investors expect, but it’s better than nothing. If it leaves us with the power to change credit and hit back at Wall Street, the failure of the cryptocurrency market may be just what we need. Visit to know more.

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