OSI Food Solutions’ Exponential Growth

OSI Food Solutions is a private company based in Aurora, Illinois, that provides processed foods to commercial businesses all over the world. They prepare and package foods such as pizza, hot dogs, bacon, and meat patties, as well as poultry and vegetable products. The company supplies well known fast food chains, including Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, and Starbucks.

OSI Food Solutions has been expanding its operations to meet the growing demand for various food products. The company has added to its facilities and capabilities by recent acquisitions and expansions. Flagship Europe in the UK and BAHO Foods in the Netherlands are two companies they’ve recently taken control of, as well as a Tyson Food Plant. Another plant in California to process beans, rice and tofu products was opened in 2014.

Their facility in Spain was upgraded in 2017 with a high capacity production line, doubling the production of chicken products. They also increased production of beef and pork products at this location. In addition, improvements in other areas of this facility were made, such as new equipment in the building to reduce energy consumption. The recently added section of the building includes a production department, shipping and receiving departments, and storage area for supplies. Indoor cameras and an enhanced surveillance and firefighting systems were also installed.

The growth of the company has also increased employment opportunities, as they’ve gained new accounts in the retail and food service industries. New products and increased capacity also spurred growth in that area. OSI Food Solutions even received an award in 2016 for creating jobs from the Toledo Chamber of Commerce. The company was also awarded a Globe of Honour Award the same year, from the British Safety Council for excellence in environmental management. They were also recognized for their commitment to agricultural development, by the granting of 1.5 million euros from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

OSI Food Solutions currently operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries across the globe. In addition to its facilities situated in countries all over the world, OSI Food Solutions also manages a number of plants in the United States. They are located in cities in Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Utah, and Iowa. The packaged products produced at these facilities are inclusive of both brand name and private label foods. What started as a small neighborhood meat market more than 100 years ago, has grown into one of America’s top 100 companies, with more than 20,000 employees and annual sales in excess of $6 billion.

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