NGP VAN: Digital 8

NGP Van has put a seemingly endless amount of time into creating the most useful and innovative tools to enhance and enrich the livelihoods of Democratic professionals and fundraisers. NGP’s Digital 8 is the result of years of dedication and innovation. NGP Digital 8 is expected to drastically improve thousands of lives.

NGP VAN Digital 8 is meant to solve problems for Democratic fundraising. The product makes it easier to manage donor information, as well as completely redefine the call time paradigm. By using only the best, proven features like social media integration, of NPG VAN Digital 8’s predecessors and updating them to more modern standards, the product saves time, which is extremely important to staff.

Those focused on compliance will be happier with the improvements made to credit card processing. NGP Digital 8 has useful features such as credit card auto batching and settlement status integration. Over the last ten years, NGP Van had separate products for credit card management, especially in terms of settlement processing. Now that these tools are integrated into the main NGP Digital 8 package, the software serves as a central hub that will prove to be as invaluable as it is useful.

Today, almost all of the mainstream Democratic campaigns in the U.S. use the technology from NGP VAN and it’s software for examples former President Barack Obama’s campaign for voter contact, as well as various volunteer and fundraising efforts. The company’s software is used in all of our 50 states.

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As an industry leader, the company has been providing innovative technology to the Democratic party and their campaigns. Various democratic organizations (both for and not for profit) as well as cities and counties use their products. The company offers a completely integrated platform that has everything needed for compliance, fundraising, organization and the execution of social networking and other general campaign requirements.

NGP Digital 8 has proven to be a crucial element to nearly every Democratic campaign, and will interesting to see how much more innovative and useful this ever evolving software will become in the future.


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