Sean Penn back at it again! With his new novel Bob honey Who Do Stuff

In a recent interview Sean Penn did with Stephen Colbert he talks about his interesting new novel Bob honey Who Do Stuff. He tells a story of how this whole book got started. He talks about how he went to a writers conference in Key West when he was 19, then after heads to a bar to unwind. ( at the time it was completely legal to drink at that age in Key West) During his time at the bar he met an interesting man Pappy Pariah the writer of Bob honey Who Do Stuff.

This man was talking in metaphors and slang. Although Penn couldn’t understand him, It did sound like what he was saying was intellectual. They start small talk about greeting cards and it just so happens Penn’s mom at the time was making them. In an attempt to get out of the conversation Shawn exchanges his mom’s info to the gentleman, who seems to be very fascinated with her greeting cards and never heard from him again. Bob Honey Who just do stuff has had mixed reviews but generally positive.

Turns out this guy buys 50 of her greeting cards and years later Penn’s mom gets the letter from Pappy Ferreira asking for Sean Penn to be the executor of the novel. After hearing the name Pappy Pariah he remembers the bizarre and interesting man he met at the bar years ago becomes fascinated and agrees.

Stephen Colbert talks about his read through of Bob honey Who Do Stuff as a bit of a mystery and something of a thriller. Colbert thinks the main character might be a murderer, might be an assassin, might be CIA, might be insane, then cracks a joke saying it might be Sean Penn. Then asks if any of it reflects Sean Penn’s life. Sean Penn then says he likes to think it reflects a little of everyone’s life.

Read the full interview on Vogue’s website:

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