Jordan Lindsey: His Personal Philosophy On Entrepreneurship

Jordan Lindsey is currently the founder and chief executive officer of JCL Capital a foreign-exchange and cryptocurrency investment company. He is also the developer behind new cryptocurrency automated trading platform Bitcoin Growth Bot which promises users that invest in Jordan Lindsey’s personal cryptocurrency Nucleus will experience passive growth of their cryptocurrency holdings.

He originally grew up in New York where he was known for his enjoyment of the physical activities, particularly ice hockey and tennis. Jordan Lindsey feels that he has always had the thought processes that would make him a successful entrepreneur. He feels that he has always had the innate desire to create things that would change the world.

Today Jordan Lindsey described himself as a veteran algorithm trader and a founder in the financial services and technology industries. While he is a self-taught programmer and designer of systems architectures, he did receive a formal education at Mount Angel Seminary. He has had the opportunity to travel around the world and has lived in several foreign countries including Argentina and Mexico.

As an experienced algorithm trader and programmer, he has capitalized on the recent popularization of cryptocurrencies by developing not only his own cryptocurrency but also a trading platform which utilizes a custom algorithm. He also has custom developed algorithms which trade in the foreign exchange markets. His cryptocurrency trading algorithm which is known as Bitcoin Growth Bot was the very first third-party verified algorithm in the cryptocurrency industry.

Over the course of his career, Jordan Lindsey has learned the importance of being an effective leader. His personal philosophy is that effective leadership relies on two things trust and friction. In order to develop solutions, you need friction. In order to develop trust, you need time. An effective leader is a leader who is able to delegate tasks responsibly and to build up leaders underneath them. Micromanaging is counterproductive for effective leadership which Jordan Lindsey would say is perhaps the most important thing that he has learned from his last project.

Today Jordan Lindsey is most well-known for his YouTube channels where he speaks about current trends in the cryptocurrency and foreign-exchange markets.


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